Thursday, June 28, 2007



On Friday, June 29 and Saturday, June 30, members of Church of the Advent and Nuestra Señora de las Americas will begin picking up donations of clothes from several churches throughout the Diocese. We will need help picking up the donations and sorting them. Please contact the following people to volunteer: Rev. Sandra, 773/235-1161; John Medenwald, Ignacio Cruz, Amada Gomez, Ivan Medina, and Ivelisse Muñoz.

We will take the clothes to Georgia where an organization will purchase the clothes. We will donate the net proceeds as follows. A percentage will be donated to the Roman Catholic lay ministry organized last summer in Medias Aguas that has been providing food and clothes to the South and Central American immigrants when they come in on trains from Chiapas that stop at that village. Another percentage will be disbursed to the Anglican congregations of San Juan Evangelista in the city of Acayucan and to La Iglesia de la Asención in the village of Nuevo Morelos to help them develop their ministries to the immigrants. Another percentage will be disbursed to these two congregations for the earned income projects being organized there through the Diocese of Southeast Mexico. These projects provide income for not only the congregations but also for the individuals employed by the projects. These projects provide the income that people need to take care of their families and eliminate the need to migrate to the United States. At its June meeting, the Advent Vestry suggested a guideline of 20% for each of the above disbursements.

If you are interested in helping drive the clothes to Georgia and/or making the follow-up visit to the Diocese of Southeast Mexico and to Medias Aguas, contact any of the people listed above.

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