Thursday, June 28, 2007


On the weekend of Friday, July 27 through Sunday, July 29, the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) “Rite 13” youth group from St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Oak Park, (Rev. Sandra’s home parish) will visit Advent and Nuestra Señora for its mission trip. On Friday, the J2A group will work with the Night Ministry in the Lakeview neighborhood handing out hygiene kits. On Saturday, they will work with youth from Advent and Nuestra Señora painting the choir room and the hallway behind the church and in front of the sacristy. The youth will conclude their painting party that day with a celebratory pizza party. On Sunday, the J2A group will join us for our 11:00 a.m. Bilingual Eucharist and Parish Picnic before departing to Oark Park.

The following description of the Journey to Adulthood program comes from St. Christopher’s web site.

Christian formation is a lifelong process. The Journey to Adulthood program gives young people a firm foundation on which to build. It is divided into three phases: Rite 13 (Grades 7-8), Sojourners (Grades 9-10) and YAC (Young Adults in Church - Grades 11-12. The Journey to Adulthood program was developed over a ten-year period by parishioners at St. Phillip's Episcopal Church in Durham, N.C. The curriculum was written by two parishioners, Amanda Millay Hughes and David E. Crean. The Rev. C. Thomas Midyette, Amanda Smith and the Rev. William 1. Roberts, Jr. contributed original ideas and key concepts which were incorporated into the program. Development was funded, in part, by a grant from the Episcopal Church Foundation. This information …was taken from promotional materials produced by Leader Resources, the originators of The journey to Adulthood program.

What is The Journey to Adulthood? A parish program for young people between the ages of 11 and 17 which: provides a liturgical frame for their experience in our modern culture; celebrates their individuality and their creative potential; and, instructs them in the skills required for their successful adult participation in the church community and in society It is based on two key concepts: manhood and womanhood are gifts from God; and, adulthood must be earned. The Journey to Adulthood program includes in-depth exploration of the four realms of: self, sexuality, spirituality, and society.

The three phases of The Journey to Adulthood program [are]: Rite 13; Sojourners; and Young Adults in Church. “Rite 13” assists the young people as they take the first steps away from their families into their own lives; includes a liturgical celebration of the gift of manhood and womanhood when they are 13; stresses the group as community encouraging friendship; and, creates a safe place to explore new ideas, new interests and new abilities. “Sojourners” blends action and contemplation in teaching young people faithful living; teaches six basic skills to prepare them for adulthood: active listening, assertion, research/information management,
negotiation, partnership and leadership; invites the young people to make a holy pilgrimage together following the second year; offers the young people the opportunity for Confirmation; and, acknowledges the young adults as equipped for new levels of responsibility. Young Adults in Church are: guided by adult advisers as they use Scripture, reason and the tradition of the Church to begin a lifelong pilgrimage in their faith; encouraged to take on adult responsibilities in all aspects of parish life and the local community; and, challenged to become good stewards of their time, talent and treasure. Each of The Journey to Adulthood groups meets regularly, apart from church school, for other activities. Occasionally the three groups meet for shared events. Adult leadership is provided by the group leaders and volunteer chaperones.

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