Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 Festival of the Americas a Great Success

Every year, we celebrate the beautiful diversity of God's creation in the annual Festival of the Americas. We come together - people from various countries in Latin and North America and share our food, cultures, language, music and dancing. This year, the Festival of the Americas took place on Saturday, September 27.

We had a great time savoring delicious homemade food. We admired and learned about the Aztec religion through traditional dance. We had great DJ's who got us out on the dance floor. We danced to boleros and romantic music.

Many thanks to everyone at Advent and Nuestra Senora for all their hard work in making the Festival of the Americas a great success. In particular, thanks to the dedication and commitment to this year's Co-chairs: Idida Perez, Charles Hayes (who also contributed the photos) and Johanna Castro!