Tuesday, August 7, 2007


On July 21, members of Advent and Nuestra Señora rolled up their sleeves and spent the day cleaning and preparing the walls in the choir room and hallway for painting. They moved everything out of the area, scraped peeling paint off the walls, dusted, cleaned the wood doors and baseboards in preparation for the following week’s Painting Party. A volunteer also cleaned chalices, patens and other items in the sacristy. Advent hosted a volunteer lunch to which members of both congregations donated snacks, drinks and food. Brendon Hunter, Advent, prepared the luncheon on site while Nuestra Señora member Beatriz Carbajal delivered homemade mostaccioli and salad. We also celebrated the birthdays of Nuestra Señora and Advent members Fabian Castro and Barbara Susman respectively. We also wish to thank volunteers Gerardo Ocampo and his younger brother, Angel, for their help in cleaning and moving the heavier file cabinets and boxes out of the choir room. Everyone involved likely slept very well that night from all the physical activity and with the satisfaction of helping improve the appearance of our church home!

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